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Puritan Springs Bottled Water Company

Puritan Springs believes that if you keep your body healthy and your employees healthy, your business will be healthy, too. We offer bottled water service to Central Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, including drinking water, spring water, and fluoridated water, as well as options like private label bottled water. Our other services include office coffee service and delivery, brewer rental, total water softening systems and small package delivery.

Your body is composed of between 55% - 78% water. Every day to maintain the content of water in your body you need to drink 8 cups (64 ounces!) of water to stay hydrated. That is just a little less than 2 liters.With Puritan Springs you will get great tasting water, conveniently delivered to your office or residential space - and with our eco-friendly services and reusable bottles you are helping the environment, too.

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